VASER Lipo: Get the Body You Want

VASER Lipo: Get the Body You Want

Men and women are continually looking for ways to lose weight or enhance their bodies and for many years traditional liposuction was the only procedure offering permanent fat removal. However many patients are now looking for safer, less painful alternatives, with less downtime, to traditional liposuction. The Silhouette Aesthetic Centre in Rivonia has an alternative. lt1s called Vaser Liposuction. It was developed in the United States and with the use of state of the art ultrasound technology, breaks up and liquefies the fat cells in the body.

How does it differ?

  • lt’s safer
  • Only fat is removed, healthy tissue is left untouched
  • Minimal bleeding
  • No need for large incisions
  • Less down time
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin growth in the skin
  • Enables skin tightening
  • Does not require full anesthesia
  • Does not require full hospitalisation therefore cutting costs
  • Allows the surgeon to perform advanced body contouring/sculpting techniques

The following areas that can be treated:

  • Upperand lower abdomen
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Upper arms
  • Buttock reshaping
  • Breasts reshaping

Who is a suitable candidate for Vaser Lipo?

  • Any person with excess fat.
  • Any person who is in good health, leads a fairly active lifestyle but has stubborn pockets of fat which are resistant to daily exercise.
  • Any person who is near to their ideal body weight. However larger candidates over their normal body weight have been treated successfully.
  • A person with good skin elasticity.

However we suggest you make an appointment to visit the centre and receive a complimentary consultation. You will be advised whether you will benefit from the procedure or not. In addition to Vaser Lipo and Vaser 40 Sculpt, we offer the following treatments:

Questions you may have:

What is VASER® Lipo? How does it differ from traditional liposuction?
VASER Lipo, also known as LipoSelection®, is an advanced body contouring procedure that selectively removes unwanted body fat. An alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, VASER Lipo uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body. What distinguishes the VASER Lipo procedure is its ability to differentiate targeted fat from other important tissues – such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Innovative VASER technology breaks up fat while preserving these other important tissues to promote smooth results and rapid healing.

How does VASER Lipo work?
First, the area to be reshaped is filled with a special saline solution that helps numb the site and shrink the blood vessels (to minimize blood loss and reduce bruising). This solution wets and fills the area to be treated, making it easier to break up fatty tissue with the VASER Lipo System’s ultrasound energy. Then a small probe transmits sound energy (similar to that used for cataract removal from the eye) to break up fatty tissue on contact while preserving other important tissues. Finally, the liquefied fat is removed through a gentle suction process designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissues.

What body areas can be treated with VASER Lipo?
Doctors have experienced great success in treating all of the following areas: abdomen, thighs, knees, buttocks, hips, back, arms, male e breasts, love handles, chin, neck areas and just about any other body part you need treated.

How much fat can be taken?
There are limits to how much fatty tissue can be safely taken from the body. One way to get a good idea for yourself is to stand and bend from the waist. The amount of ‘loose-hanging’ fat you can easily grab above / below your waist will approximate what can be removed. Bear in mind that this procedure is not intended as a weight loss solution. The goal is to create a slimmer silhouette. You may not notice a significant amount of weight loss, but you should be pleased with your slimmer new shape.

Where is VASER Lipo performed?
VASER Lipo is performed in a clean or sterile environment. Some possible options are in a doctor’s office, an outpatient surgery center or a hospital. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia (awake), IV sedation, or general anesthesia. You and your physician will decide the best type of treatment for you.

How soon will I see my results? What is the recovery time?
This varies with the extensiveness of the procedure – the amount of fat removed, the number of sites treated, and so on. Many patients report that they see results immediately after the procedure with the final result at around 3 to 6 months. It is important that you establish realistic expectations through discussion with your doctor.

What about future weight gain / fat migrating to other areas?
This is a common misperception. Following your VASER Lipo procedure, should you experience weight gain or loss, it will tend to be proportionately distributed over your entire body. Once you have fat removed, it is gone and, assuming a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise, it will not return or migrate. However, because fat is necessary to a healthy body, some essential fat layers in any given site remain untreated. If you do gain a significant amount of weight, the remaining fatty tissue will expand. Normal aging changes can also be expected.

How can I be certain VASER Lipo is right for me?
If you are frustrated by the resistance of certain body areas to diet and exercise, VASER Lipo can provide a solution. If you are healthy and seeking a fast, low-pain solution to losing stubborn fat deposits, the VASER Lipo procedure could be your answer. Although there are limits to the amount of fat that can be removed, your doctor can assist you with your decision about potential areas for sculpting, anticipated results, and the recovery process.