The French Beauty Secret

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve poured over every article that promises to share the beauty and health secrets of French women. They make beauty and ageing look so effortlessly chic all while having a croissant every morning. And honestly what more can one ask for than good skin, style and a pastry every day?

The secret to French women’s beauty is that they believe in looking after what they have, investing in good skincare and treatments, and consistency. There’s no such thing as quick solutions and it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty. It then makes sense that a treatment such as mesotherapy was first applied by a French doctor called Michel Pastor.


Mesotherapy is the administering of essential antioxidants, amino acids and hydrating ingredients to the mesoderm of the skin through multiple tiny needles. The treatment is designed to enhance and repair the skin from within rather than change or erase. “It’s also more of a ‘slow burner’ than a quick fix,” adds Dr Hema Singh. Each mesotherapy session will build on itself as it reactivates the cells in the deeper skin layers. It’s a fantastic way to address fine lines, skin laxity and uneven skin tone in a more understated and sustainable way. “It’s important that we cater to all types of patients – there are women and men that don’t necessarily want to go the botulinum toxin and dermal filler route,” explains Dr Singh.

A unique treatment that offers results

Unlike microneedling that simply pierces the dermis, mesotherapy goes much deeper and injects the skin with active ingredients that are preselected to address the patient’s specific concerns. There’s an immediate effect of improved blood flow to the skin that will leave a patient glowing, but what we’re really after is that deep structural improvement of the skin that gives us long-lasting results and better skin for years to come.

As the needles pierce the skin the body’s natural healing processes start to kick in. The skin reacts by forming new and healthy collagen and elastin fibres that strengthen and smooth out the skin in the long run.

A smart way to introduce PRP

While mesotherapy on its own has proven to be extremely successful, at Silhouette Aesthetics Centre we’ve taken it a step further and combined it with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments for even more superior results. PRP therapy uses a patient’s own growth factors to stimulate cell regeneration and overall skin rejuvenation for natural results.

Needle free mesotherapy

Needle free mesotherapy is non-invasive and completely painless, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation treatment. Recognised as one of the best and most effective non-surgical techniques for surface lines and wrinkles, ensuring optimal product penetration, for face and body treatments.

Want to get started?

Mesotherapy is great at any age, though it would be ideal to start in your late 20’s when natural collagen and elastin starts to decline. Consider this as an ongoing treatment that can be alternated with our other treatments such as chemical peels or laser to enhance your natural beauty and slow down the ageing process.

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