New Year’s resolutions weighing you down


Get the body you want with quick, safe and effective results….

The New Year has already started, and for most of us the overindulgences of the holiday season have bumped weight loss to the top of the resolution’s list. We quickly hit the gym, run a marathon, do a warrior race, and google “diet” for the latest ways to deprive ourselves of certain foods. Is this sustainable in the long run? For those commitment enthusiasts, maybe yes, but the majority of us, we slip back into those bad habits and another year goes by… We end up being down and frustrated, as we just can’t get rid of the weight and we don’t know why. This is where Silhouette Aesthetic Centre is really able to assist, not matter what your concerns. You might be a fitness fanatic but certain pockets of fat just won’t budge; you might exercise every day to change your body shape but are just not getting the results you want, and you might be overweight and cannot lose it no matter what you do. The Centre specialises in cm reduction, body shaping and health solutions, giving you the body you have always dreamed of. The best part is that Dr Hema Singh provides a free consultation working with your individual concerns and needs in order to put the best treatment programme together for you.

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