IV Infusion Drips – Get your fix


Let’s face it – we could all do with a tropical vacation and a few cocktails on the beach…unfortunately for most, daily duties and family responsibilities consumes all of our waking, and in some instances, sleeping hours. Constant pressures and stress are at an all-time high, and although many enjoy their work, the strain can ultimately leads to burnout and then what use are you to yourself, your work and your family.

With constant improvements in technology, the line between work and home is becoming more blurred. Burnout often results from a misalignment of input and output – too often people are putting in more than what they are getting out.

Signs of burnout include:

Health problems (disease, weight gain/loss, depression, etc.)
Cognitive difficulties Difficulty with work and personal difficulties
Decreased satisfaction
Loss in motivation
Lack in performance

If you are experiencing burnout, having to make certain health-related and lifestyle changes should comes as no surprise. The problem is that most of us cannot afford to take a 7 to 10-day vacation, or completely change our eating habits in order to be consuming all the right vitamins and nutrients for increases energy.

This is where a new and innovative solution in the ever expanding world of medicine and technology is coming to the fore – IV Infusion Drips – consider this your much needed “cocktail” on the “beach.”
Intravenous (IV therapy) or infusion is a way of feeding vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants straight into the bloodstream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies and assist with multiple health concerns.

There are two types of administration:

IV “push” – is a onetime, rapid injection of medication into the bloodstream.

IV infusion is a slow “drip” of medication prompt into the vein over a certain period of time, this ensures a constant amount of therapy is delivered.

For an infusion, vitamins are added to a solution, which contains the same salt ratio as found in your blood to assist with absorption. The treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes and is normally quite painless. Clients are able to choose from a menu of options which each contain their own “cocktail” of vitamins – immune boosting daiquiri anyone?

Options can include: immune boosters, curing a hangover, burning fat or de-stressing.

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