It’s In Your DNA

Remember the days when we would jokingly say, ‘You can’t help it, it’s in your DNA’? Well, no more joking around, today we can really tell you what’s in your DNA. It’s not enough to look to our parents, something not everyone is always able to do, and understand what illnesses and health concerns will plague us in the future. Addressing disease and health concerns once they become symptomatic is not enough anymore.

If we truly want to improve the quality of life of our patients then we need a more preventative approach, which is what DNA testing allows us to do.

The Urge to Understand Our Genetic Make-up

In the past DNA testing was solely used to answer the age-old questions of ‘Where do we come from?’ or then ‘Where do I belong?’. Though today we are able to do that and much more from the information supplied by your DNA. We can see if you’re predisposed to heart disease, certain cancers, depression and maybe, more importantly, the best medication and treatments to address your specific health concern or condition. At Silhouette we combine integrative medicine and your genetic test results to help you act preventatively by implementing integrative medicine and the necessary lifestyle changes to help you improve your quality of life.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is defined by the British Medical Journal* as the practise of medicine in a way that selectively incorporates elements of Complementary and Alternative medicine into comprehensive treatment plan alongside solidly orthodox methods of diagnosis and treatment.

What this all means is that the relationship between doctor and patient is important. That we use both conventional and alternative modalities to help address concerns, and all aspects of a patient’s life are taken into consideration before prescribing medicine (if necessary) and lifestyle and diet changes.

*British Medical Journal 2001;322:119-120

How does DNA testing work?

Keen to start your preventative health journey? DNA testing is painless and non-invasive – a thorough cheek swab will be enough to send off to the lab we entrust with the testing. After we’ve received the results, we will call you to make an appointment to discuss the results. This is probably the most important part of DNA testing as not everyone is qualified to interpret the results and make suitable recommendations.

Who is this for?

For anyone, young and old but especially if you are concerned about certain health aspects or if in the past you have struggled to find treatments for a specific condition. DNA testing is not a magic potion but only a more accurate way of helping our patients to improve and stay healthy.

Want to know how your DNA can improve your health? Contact us today for an appointment.

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